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Atkins Nutritional Bar Giveaway!


Win 1 Free Box of Atkins Bars

So Here are the Rules

1.After AtkinPhase1 FB page recieves 100 likes. One winner will be chosen at random.
2.CLICK IMAGE for link to Atkins Phase 1 FB page. LIKE the Page.
3.Share this Post on your timeline via the FB Share button.
4.Winners will be announced once the page receives 100 Likes. Well be sending more Boxes of Atkins Nutritional bars. (btw this giveaway is for a box of 5 not just a single bar)

So here is your chance to see what the Atkins diet is all about. Are you one of those skeptics of trying new diet products and being dissatisfied with the taste or texture. Heck they are all filled with preservatives you could live without. Well just by liking the FB page and sharing this post this could be your chance to have a box for Free and then you can tell for yourself these are not like all the other diet bars you’ve tried theses are delicious and filling. And hardly any carbs or sugars. So why not give it a chance you just need to Go here and like the page and Share this post with your friends. Spread the word The Atkins diet is here to stay High protein low carb lifestyle is the best and most scientifically backed weight loss regime period.

Atkins Nutritional Bars

Atkins Nutritional Bars Reviews

The Atkins Chocolate Hazelnut Bars are very tasty. I have tried a few different diet/protein bars in the past but this was different somehow it was actually chocolate and hazelnut not an imitation medley of mixed food flavoring and zinc this was a great tasting snack bar. It says on the wrapper morning snack, light breakfast, Day Break. So don’t expect a king size. The thing that I didn’t like was it was a little hard to bite into especially when chilled such as when left in vehicle overnight for the morning commute to the 9 to fiver. Other than that I still cant believe these things are engineered to help with the weight loss associated with a low carb dieting. I actually don’t mind eating them its not like giving up all the things you like to eat for a diet when you’re eating a hazelnut chocolate bar instead of pizza.
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