Atkins Nutritional Bars

Atkins Nutritional Bars Reviews

The Atkins Chocolate Hazelnut Bars are very tasty. I have tried a few different diet/protein bars in the past but this was different somehow it was actually chocolate and hazelnut not an imitation medley of mixed food flavoring and zinc this was a great tasting snack bar. It says on the wrapper morning snack, light breakfast, Day Break. So don’t expect a king size. The thing that I didn’t like was it was a little hard to bite into especially when chilled such as when left in vehicle overnight for the morning commute to the 9 to fiver. Other than that I still cant believe these things are engineered to help with the weight loss associated with a low carb dieting. I actually don’t mind eating them its not like giving up all the things you like to eat for a diet when you’re eating a hazelnut chocolate bar instead of pizza.
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